Unbelievable! I would not believe they were hand-painted if I didn't see it done!

- Kathy (Las Vegas)

I have never seen any candles as beautiful as these. Nothing else compares to them.

- Beverly Hansen (San Francisco)

Beside my children, these are the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

- Julie D. (San Diego)

I actually saw you on TV, and that is what made me want to come to this festival. Your work is so creative, beautiful, detailed & BREATH-TAKING! I love it and can't wait to check out the website next year. Your candles will surely be gifts I give for a lifetime. Thanks!

- Tammy (San Francisco)

Simply spectacular Candles! Blessings on your work & life - LV (San Francisco)

It is a pleasure to watch such careful hands create such intricate beauty. Thank you. - Gregory & Burnaby (Las Vegas)

Your designs are beautiful and a very unique product and gift. Thank you! - Sarah (Las Vegas)

Unique & gorgeous - I'll love looking @ them everyday!

Such beautiful, intricate workmanship. - PC (Las Vegas)